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Roots Multiclean Limited

RMCL started the manufacture of mechanised cleaning equipment in the early 1990s through a techno-financial collaboration with Hako Werke, Germany. The alliance became one of the most successful in the Indian industry.Today, in India, RMCL is the largest manufacturer and exporter of cleaning equipment. A state of the art manufacturing facility and a comprehensive marketing and After Sales Service network, enabled the company to deliver optimum solutions for customer’s cleaning needs. Products from RMCL are built around eco friendly concepts and comply with international quality and safety norms 

Product Details:  mechanised cleaning equipment
Telephone:  91 4222330221
Seahorse Petrochemicals


As an independent Engine Oil Manufacturer, we are probably the biggest manufacturer of Motor Oils, AntiFreeze/Radiator Coolant and Engine Care Products in Turkey. We export our products to more than 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. We have a total production capacity of  120.000 tons/year  in a closed area of  7000 m2.

Product Details:  Motor Oils, AntiFreeze/Radiator Coolant and Engine Care Products
Telephone:  0 262 751 06 07

Our Group makes our products connect with the modern advanced technology and enjoys powerful processing and testing ability. Our current product range includes mainly: Rubber Products(Inner Tube,Tire Bladder), Tyre Curing Equipment(Tire Molds, Bladder Molds, Vucanizer Series), Petroleum Equipment(Speed Reducers for Pumping Units, Pumping Units and fitting), large-size Cast-Iron and Steel-Iron castings and Non-ferrous Metal Castings and so on. We always believe in establishing long term and mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers. 
For years, Shandong Dawang Jintai Group has formed its own existential value: people oriented, good practice in management, honesty and scientific development, keeps enlarging scientific input while adjusts and then optimizes its product structure constantly, meanwhile our group insists that our the expansion of enterprise scale should be combined with the increase of profits together while gives prior to profit increasing, and thus realizes a sustained, rapid and sound development of our group. 


Product Details:  Rubber Products, Tyre Curing Equipment, Petroleum Equipment
Telephone:  0086-546-6878535

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