Bolt plans to launch the Bajaj Qute car to the Kenyan market

The low-cost Bajaj Qute quadricycle will be available on select routes in Kenya through digital ride-hailing platform Bolt, as part of an initiative to increase drivers' take-home pay.

The Nation was informed by sources that the company may launch the Bajaj Qute units in Kenya as early as this year, replicating a comparable action in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa.
“The idea behind this is to increase drivers' earnings by making ownership easier for them,” a source said.
The source continued, "The Bajaj Qute is also economically viable for both owners and operators due to its low maintenance and operation budget."
Technically speaking, the Bajaj Qute is not a car because it is categorized as a compact quadricycle under law. The Bajaj Qute features an eight-liter fuel tank and a top speed of seventy kilometers per hour.
On July 24, 2023, Bolt introduced the Bajaj Qute to the South African market as an affordable ride option for quick trips around Johannesburg.
Bajaj Qute's entry into the Kenyan market would tip the odds, particularly in the low-cost, short-distance market segment.
The Qute, according to Bajaj, has a "reinforced rooftop," an impact-resistant plastic closure and door, and a high-strength monocoque body. There are seatbelts available for every passenger.

Posted on : 18 Jun,2024 | News Source : ABNews

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