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IRPC company


IRPC was founded in 1948 and has since been totally committed to its customers in more than 20 countries. Our products are manufactured with the most advanced technology in the industry, under rigorous quality control parameters and following the most stringent demands of our Original Equipment and Aftermarket customers

Product Details:  Automotive Rubber Parts
Telephone:  972-3-9367701
Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp.


Mōri Toyomoto (毛利豊元, 1444-1476) was a daimyo (warlord) of the province of Aki, and father of Mōri Hiromoto. In 1461-1462, Toyomoto defeated Hatakeyama Yoshinari\'s army in Kawachi and Kii. During the year of 1465, Toyomoto then sent troops to assist Kobayakawa Hirohira when Ōuchi Masahiro (大内政弘) invaded his holdings. During the fall of the same year, Ōuchi made an interventional against the current war between the Hosokawa and Kawano clans. At the request of the Ōuchi, Toyomoto then blocked the attack led by Masahiro. Following the year of 1471, Toyotomo took advantage of the confusion generated by the Ōnin War to then establish himself under Ōuchi Masahiro, and pledging his allegiance to the Ōuchi.

Product Details:  brands of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, MPVs, trucks and buses
Telephone:  971 4 2367727


In the First Industrial Zone, we have had the Engine Assembly, Completed Vehicle Assembly and Painting Department. Under the facility of the First Industrial Zone, in order to further improve the product quality and insure the product consistency, Dihao invests great capital to build up the electroplating and tire manufacturing base in the Second Industrial Zone. Meanwhile, the manufacture center for key spare parts included the engine precise parts machining, frame manufacture, etc. are preparing to construct. Currently Dihao has the capacity of manufacturing every year over 300,000 motorcycles, and over 400,000 engines. It has formed a series of low power consumption and low pollution products included mopeds, scooters, motorcycles etc. Dihao has the capacity of producing, designing and developing and its technology and developing capacity has reached the advanced level of motorcycle industry. Dihao has successively obtained the international ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, China Compulsory 3C Certification, EU e-Mark Certification and the National Motorcycle Manufacture Admission Test.

Product Details:  tire manufacturing
Telephone:  86-750-3210170

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