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Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp.


Mōri Toyomoto (毛利豊元, 1444-1476) was a daimyo (warlord) of the province of Aki, and father of Mōri Hiromoto. In 1461-1462, Toyomoto defeated Hatakeyama Yoshinari\'s army in Kawachi and Kii. During the year of 1465, Toyomoto then sent troops to assist Kobayakawa Hirohira when Ōuchi Masahiro (大内政弘) invaded his holdings. During the fall of the same year, Ōuchi made an interventional against the current war between the Hosokawa and Kawano clans. At the request of the Ōuchi, Toyomoto then blocked the attack led by Masahiro. Following the year of 1471, Toyotomo took advantage of the confusion generated by the Ōnin War to then establish himself under Ōuchi Masahiro, and pledging his allegiance to the Ōuchi.

Product Details:  brands of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, MPVs, trucks and buses
Country:  United Arab Emirates
Telephone:  971 4 2367727

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