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Description:  Kibo is an innovative Kenyan brand that seeks to provide safe and reliable mobility for all, from the base of the socioeconomic pyramid to the growing middle class, private individuals, micro entrepreneurs and all organisations. As motorcycles play a key role in Africa’s mobility, Kibo’s first solution is its flagship K150 motorcycle. Designed in Holland, made in Kenya and built for Africa, it is proudly the first purpose-built motorbike, with more to come.
Product Details:  Kibo Motocycles, Safety Gear and Accessories
Telephone:  254-724977759 / 0724977759
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Widelink technology Co.,Ltd


Since its foundation, Widelink Technology’s group’s activities are focused on the design, development and installation of EartEyes System’s Fleet Management technology; data collection and analysis and the delivery of fleet management solutions and the tracking and recovery of vehicles. We are operating in what is recognized as a high growth industry worldwide. By extracting, manipulating and analysing large volumes of data generated by installed GPS tracking devices, Widelink Technology joined the industry to provide its clients with intelligent management reporting that is actionable across a wide variety of applications via a scalable web-based platform and mobile APP. In particular, the management information provided enables business operators and consumers to save costs such as fuel, improve efficiencies and productivity of labor and assets, mitigate risk liability, protect their assets and contribute to road safety and security. Widelink Technology’s systems are built on the most advanced technologies available and are coupled with a devotion to client service delivery. EarthEyes System is widely accepted in the market, as our hardware and installations are of the highest standard.

Product Details:  FMS, GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Vehicle Speed Governor, Fleet Management System
Telephone:  +251 966 7944 60
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