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Elme Tools


Historically, locksmiths and hardware stores were the natural points of sale to carry spare keys, including car keys. In the mid 90s, pressured by insurance companies, car manufacturers began installing a new security system transponder. In 1996 the system became mandatory in Europe for all new cars, losing locksmiths, ironmongers and freelancers the possibility of providing the service duplicate car keys. Since then, Elme Tools has been working to return the world locksmith and hardware of this fundamental activity, providing them with tools and programming of car keys and knobs that allow them to offer new services nearby, and immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The first Elme Tools business lay in adapting programming and code keys and locks of all kinds of vehicles. Over the years, market developments and development has evolved transponder business philosophy to a very specific expertise: the provision of a comprehensive and personalized service, which includes generic knowledge of everything related to active safety systems car (immobilizer, central locking, remote controls, transponders, activation of crypto keys 


Product Details:  sale to carry spare keys, including car keys
Country:  Kenya
Telephone:  008620-28320293

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