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Impala Auto Spares Ltd


Impala Auto Spares Ltd was incorporated in January 1976 and we are one of the leading importers, retailers and wholesalers of auto parts in Kenya.  We specialize in Genuine and Replacement parts for all Peugeot, L/Rover, V.W., Mercedes Benz (Saloon) and all Japanese vehicles including 4*4 vehicles. Having been in the auto parts industry for almost four decades, we have developed an excellent image and goodwill over the years and we are known for quality and service. As for quality, we are proud to be agents for about  40 premium bands such as Valeo, Sasic, Febi, 555, RBI, Monroe, Bosch,Meyle, etc to name a few 

Product Details:  auto parts
Country:  Kenya
Telephone:  6534565

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