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SIMPESFAIP, a NEXION Group company, is a full-range Garage Equipment supplier, with specialities ranging from mechanical engineering to system automation, to proprietory software development.The commitment of SIMPESFAIP consists in developing in full the potential that lies in the technological skills, experience and dedication of its competent team of engineers, in close co-operation with Commercial Partners covering most of the world markets
Leadership in the Italian market was confirmed and reinforced in the years; expansion continued in Export Markets.
Sustained investment in technology was aimed at innovating and updating all product lines, with emphasis on Wheel Aligners and Brake Testing Systems 

Out of the complementary character of the two original Firms, the foundation was laid for a new full range operator in the Garage Equipment Industry.  

Product Details:  Wheel aligners, LIFTS, TYRE, BALANCING
Address:  Via Dinazzano, 4-42015 Prato di Correggio
Country:  Italy
Telephone:  39 0522 736 733

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