Africa, the ideal location to manufacture electric vehicle batteries

 According to Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Africa is the ideal location for manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles.

Speaking at the German government's Berlin Energy Transition Forum, Adesina stated that Africa has huge quantities of cobalt, manganese, and platinum that may be exploited to establish a vibrant manufacturing sector rather than being exported as raw materials.
"Africa is an important source of minerals and metals for clean energy value chains including electric cars and utility-scale battery storage. Africa is thus the ideal location for the production of lithium-ion batteries to power German automobiles," he stated.
The AfDB president said there was an urgent need to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and harness Africa’s renewable energy sources.
He urged Germany to make investments in an African future that is cleaner, happier, and more wealthy, claiming that the continent has the potential to become a worldwide leader in sustainable development.
"As in Germany and throughout Europe, Africa needs time to shift and access to its natural gas resources as a transition fuel. Thus, a vital component of the energy mix for ensuring supply security and essential for Africa is natural gas, he continued.

Posted on : 01 Mar,2024 | News Source : ABNews

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