Kenyan mobility startup eWAKA has received $540,000 in funding

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Swiss Confederation has awarded strategic investment to eWAKA, a Kenyan company seeking to promote sustainable transportation.

The SECO Start-up Fund has awarded a $540,000 loan to assist eWAKA's 2023 objectives to accelerate a growth plan centred on supplying innovative and sustainable mobility technology in Africa through the local manufacture and marketing of eWAKA's famous electric bike, the Shujaa.
According to its expansion plan, which was built on a variety of pilot projects, including a Shujaa market launch, eWAKA will be ready to extend to other areas of Kenya and East Africa by 2023.
Co-founder, CEO, and general counsel of eWAKA Celeste Vogel made the following statement in response to questions about the company's development plans for 2023: "eWAKA's distinctive value add offering is the completeness of the ecosystem we offer in the area of last-mile transportation.
eWAKA performed a number of trial initiatives with target client categories to better improve our product range. For micro-mobility models and solutions to be successfully deployed, understanding localised constraints and factors is crucial.
The eWAKA Shujaa app was designed solely to facilitate delivery services. eWAKA Kickscooters are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials and are intended for sharing.
Using eWAKA's fleet management platform, live data is collected for fleet owners to improve remote management, vehicle tracking, service history, and other safety measures. 
eWAKA bikes are intended for last-mile deliveries as well as urban and rural transportation. Extensive testing has been conducted on the motorbike, its battery-swapping ecosystem, and conversion kits for internal combustion engine bikes.
Securing additional finance opportunities for mobile merchants that provide delivery services is a crucial aspect of eWAKA's development plan.

Posted on : 18 Jun,2024 | News Source : ABNews

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