Kenya's Electric mobility expanding fast

Recently, numerous companies, including the Kenyan government, have expressed strong interest in the EV market. Electric vehicles have gained widespread acceptance in both the European and American markets.

However, until recently, EVs were not as popular in the African market, where notable brands and firms included Autoproto Kenya, Nopia Ride, Kengen, Opibus, and others.

Many individuals are becoming more aware of the significance and benefits of electric cars. This has prompted companies such as Nopia Ride, a Hungarian firm, to create a totally electric taxi service.

In order to stimulate business usage of electric cars and reduce the country's carbon footprint, the Kenyan government reduced the charge tax on electric vehicles transporting more than ten passengers by half to 10%. Furthermore, importing an electric automobile is typically less expensive because there are no enforced fees based on their carbon emissions. These tax breaks make it feasible for automobile purchasers to consider purchasing an electric vehicle instead.

By revitalising the automobile sector, Kenya can create thousands of well-paying employment. The first step is for our Parliament to promptly and thoroughly approve the draught National Automotive Legislative as an enabling policy framework that will encourage investors to build these automobiles in our country.

Kenya's government is trying hard to get Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help Kenyan universities through technology transfer. This will support local production of these new modes of mobility. Kenya should no longer have to wait years to access mobility technology since it is already established among our current global trading partners.


Posted on : 27 Feb,2024 | News Source : ABNews

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