Little Introduces Electric Bikes Aimed for Kenya's Mass Market

With its Little E-BIKE, power-assisted electric bikes, and scooters, Africa's mega app platform Little has begun its foray into EV transportation.

The effort, which coincides with soaring living costs, distinguishes the business by relieving clients of fuel-related costs while also playing a crucial role in environmental protection by lowering green gas emissions related to fossil fuels.
Over 200 electric bikes will be made available by the company at specific locations throughout Nairobi. The e-bikes will be available from tourist attractions, estates, universities, and parks via the Little App. A geofence, a location-based device that limits movements or uses inside a simulated boundary, will be installed on the two-wheelers.
While electric vehicles are still in their infancy in Kenya, according to Kamal Budhabhatti, Chief Executive officer of Little, "Little wants to play a critical role in engaging with customers, businesses, and governments to promote their use."
This launch, he continued, will offer insights and best practises on the utilisation of EVs as part of the consumers everyday usage. Government EV policies and incentives are being implemented, and vital infrastructure like charging stations is being built.
In Kenya, air pollution alone resulted in over 5,000 early deaths in 2019. Purchasing e-bikes has become a life-saving option.
More riders are switching to e-bikes as a result of high fuel prices, skyrocketing maintenance expenses, and the environmental harm caused by gasoline bikes.
The Little E-Bikes aim to further their commitment to lowering carbon emissions and their environmental impact by being mostly constructed from easily recyclable materials like steel and aluminium.
The motor-assisted vehicle can travel up to 65 km on a single battery charge and has a max speed of 25 km/h. The business will debut in Nairobi before expanding to other Kenyan cities and the rest of its partner nations.

Posted on : 18 Jun,2024 | News Source : ABNews

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